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About Us

About Us

LEDCentral.com.au was founded by four guys in Melbourne, Australia. As with most businesses the idea came from a general discussion we were having over the different things we could do around the home to save our families some money.

One of the LEDCentral.com.au co-founders, an experienced Electrical Engineer, tabled the subject of LED lighting and how efficient and economically viable they are to use around the home.

After researching the existing Australian LED lighting market and the availability of LED lights within our country, we discovered that the only providers in Australia were charging an arm and a leg for quality LED lights. Because the technology is so new and fairly scarce in Australia, retailers were cornering the market and making a killing.

Our company has grown quite rapidly, stemming from the four directors simply sourcing the best possible quality LED lights and Name brand LED Transformers from reliable and trusted manufacturers and importing them into Australia, following the strict Australian Certification process along the way.

Our philosophy is simple; provide the best quality LED lighting in Australia at a greatly reduced cost for consumers like us, simply trying to save their families some money. We are dedicated to providing a personal and helpful service during your new LED journey. 

We don't claim to be the only company in Australia supplying LED lighting; there are certainly a few out there stocking junky and uncertified products. What we can claim is that the stock LEDCentral.com.au have will be of Premium quality both in our LED Lighting and LED Transformers range made from only the best components, at extremely competitive prices.

We hope our business idea saves you and your family some money. If you have any questions about us or our company, or would like to ask our Electrical Engineer a question on lighting, Contact us Here as we are more than happy to help!

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