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LED Fixtures

The LED industry's newest fixtures are in stock and available for your home or business at LED Central. In addition to their popular lighting items such as T8 Tube Fixtures, we now offer the newest:

  • 1200mm T8 Single Tube Hard Wired currently $45.00
  • Single Tube LED traditionally hard-wired
  • 1200 T8 Single Tube Bare White with Flex and Plug currently $48.00
  • Most economical purchase, single, white with flex & plug
  • Single pack Diffused ultra white bright light
  • Double pack with diffused ultra white bright light
  • The new LED Gimbal downlight fixtures are adjustable, easy to install, fit common 4"5"and 6" retrofit housing and new construction.  They provide accent and sloped ceiling directional lighting, and LED life is 35,000 hours, nearly double the life of incandescent lighting.  They are available in white, black, oil-rubbed bronze and brushed nickel shades.
  • 1200 mm T8 Single Tube Diffused White currently $50.00
  • 1200 mm T8 Twin Tube Diffused White currently $65.00
  • Gimbal Downlight, LED Fixture currently $9.00

LED Central is proud to be among the first lighting specialists to offer an economical light that is good for the earth and also a saving for homes and businesses to operate. The cool lighting that you expect from LED lights combines with the low power cost to operate and saves stress to Earth. Our products are state of the art and top quality.

Customers are invited to contact LED Central at our website to discuss your lighting needs and options.

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