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LED Savings Calculator

LED Savings Calculator

Use the below LED Savings Calculator to identify the savings you'll achieve using LED lights over a year.

The LED savings calculator will help you discover the savings you can make by installing LED lights to replace a given incandescent lamp

A major conclusion you should expect after using this LED savings calculator is that an LED light purchase is worth where the incandescent lights being replaced have a very higher wattage and is left on for a many of hours a day.

Features of our LED lights :

  • Emit very low heat
  • Extremely efficient
  • Have no harmful by-products
  • Need little maintenance

Energy savings are equal to energy bill savings, and an excellent way to save energy in your residence is to switch out your incandescent light bulbs and install the new LED bulbs. But when you check the costs of the LED light bulbs you may probably get some sticker shock.

However, relax! Look at the cost versus benefit of replacing the incandescent light bulbs over a year or more. Also, discover after how long the cost of buying LED light bulbs can be recovered through the savings you make. Needless to say, you’ll make 'profits' after recovering your cost.

The savings you make by using the LED lights can be used to:

  • Power a fan for some hours a day throughout the year.
  • Power your microwave for some two-minute meals periods per day, for a whole year.
  • Watch some episodes of your much-loved hour-long TV show.

Also, with the long life expectancy of the LED light bulbs by LED Central, you are assured of recouping your investment and earning more.


Interactive LED Savings Calculator


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